New Year

Another year, already!?  In some ways, January it’s just another month, in other ways it feels like page 1 of a fresh new book that you get to write for yourself.  I tend to err towards the former, and have learnt not to make long lists of resolutions.  (Horseriding in 2012? Did it happen..? Hmmm)

That said, I do have one resolution on my list for 2013*, and that’s to read more books. I’ve had a huge stack of books on my bedside table for I think all of 2012, and sadly they didn’t get rotated through as I’d planned.  I’m annoyed that those stories didn’t get discovered.  Also, reading more books (ones with real pages!) spells less time using technology in general, which I have a love-hate relationship with.  And I think regular book reading gives way to a slower-paced way of life, too.

So on that note I’ll hop off this piece of technology…only a few more days of being in holiday mode around here, and then it’s back to work!

Wishing you a safe & healthy 2013,


*Fighting the urge to add to that list: grow my business, do more gardening, make exercise a priority, volunteer to help out on food vans, go horseriding…

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