Holiday mode

Are you feeling festive & ready for Christmas? I must admit, I’m not yet… I’m pretty exhausted, and am definitely in holiday mode. We’re up at 4am tomorrow to catch a flight to Auckland, where I’m going to meet my friend Megan, then spend some time on the Coromandel coast; Rotarua, then onto staying with friends & our god-daughter in Napier. Finally, a look around Wellington, then back home in time for Christmas here.

Two hours on a boat discovering the volcanic caves around Cathedral Cove, with a further few hours on the beach & snorkelling should rid me of any tiredness..

Cathedral Cove

If you are feeling more festive than me, here are some beautiful images of Christmas decor for you. Very rustic, lots of greenery (I like these plainer trees), fairy lights, white & wood. I do wonder though, how people find the time to decorate their homes so perfectly?!  I’ve been so busy with the shop and getting Christmas organised before we leave. I’ll have to park these decorating ideas for next year, when I may have more time on my hands..

Hope you have a relaxing Christmas with friends & family. And I really couldn’t have asked for a better start to my online shop since launching a couple of months ago – so thank you!


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