Re-use: French enamel utensil rack

Here is one of the vintage French utensil racks from my shop that I’ve added some bathroom items to.  They are so lovely used to store soaps and lotions don’t you think?  Also add a wash cloth over the top rail…I didn’t here so you could see the beautiful blue design..

Personally, I don’t think they belong in the kitchen!  You could also use one in the bedroom and hang necklaces from the top, and store small items underneath.

I just love these!


vintage french utensil rack enamelware porte louche

porte louche french ancien enamel utensil rack holder

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  1. Hi there!

    Thank you for stopping by the blog and I am so happy to find yours as well.

    I love your use for the French utensil racks. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before…even a tiny embroidered towel would be lovely added to it.

    Such a great idea.


  2. elise militi says:

    love your website

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