French Vintage Zinc Pieces





Some very quick photos taken on the weekend… a French galvanised zinc pitcher and bottle-drying wall rack – both beautiful pieces – that will be available mid-November.

I’m looking forward to taking some better photos of the bottle-drying rack – isn’t it amazing?  It is the perfect size, not too big or industrial, but large enough to hang lots of things on to be very useful in the kitchen.  It is also a feature just on its own.  I love the patina on both these pieces.

I’ll add more photos of upcoming stock here in the near future!

Alison x

Rustic French Cake Tin Moulds

french vintage tin cake moulds-bayside vintage
Aren’t these just beautiful? Lately I have been buying various old French tin moulds for the shop, to use as vessels for fragranced candles.  I was fortunate to learn candle-making from an experienced friend earlier this year, and now wish I’d learnt sooner.  Candle-making is a relaxing and sensory process – you can’t rush candle-making, so it forces you to slow down; the warm wax is lovely to work with, and the house also gets perfumed as a result!

I can only hope that my obsession with old rustic tins is well-received in the shop. The sets of French tartlet tin candles sold out quite quickly, so I’m hoping customers see the beauty in these like I do…they would look particularly beautiful at Christmas time.

The next lot of candles will be available for purchase mid-November, however if you are looking for a custom order, I’m happy to make something for you in the meantime, just drop me a line.  The smaller tins are wonderful for tables at vintage-themed weddings or as little gifts.

Alison x

Shop Orders


Hanging herbs for ‘Herbes de Provence’


We’re hoping to hang out in some sun a bit like this up North for the next few days.

So shop orders received between 26th September – 2nd October will be posted on Monday, 6th October.  Thank you for your patience.  If you have kids in tow like me, enjoy the rest of the school holidays!

Alison x

Sunday Reading


Vintage Whites-71

Vintage Whites-140

More like photo viewing than reading, the Vintage Whites Market girls’ home tours.  Created on a budget.  No stylists employed, lots of DIY, not a $1000 rug in sight.  Just simple, rustic vintage homes with lots of character.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to follow the latest design ‘trends’.  In fact a lot of styled interiors you see in magazines feature products from the businesses who paid the most to be included!  It’s a bit of a wrought really.  So just choose what you instinctively love!

Here is the link to their two home tours:

Enjoy your Sunday.

Alison x

Thank you Herald Sun Home Magazine!

Hello, well this morning we had a good laugh at ourselves in the Herald Sun’s Home magazine – it’s a special kind of awkward seeing yourself in print – but were wowed by the photos of our place! Thank you to Herald Sun for the opportunity and for writing about our renovation story.

It was a lot of fun meeting with Jo Hawkins who wrote the story, and Chris Groenhout, the photographer was just lovely.  The photos were taken on a freezing morning back in July!

The changes we made to the house were admittedly hard work, as anyone who’s lived through a renovation knows, so we’re lucky to have it documented in this way.

Enjoy your weekend! Alison

200914-heraldsun home magazine-bayside vintage

bayside vintage heraldsun home magazine-sept 20 2014

200914-bayside vintage-heraldsun-home magazine

bayside vintage herald sun home-200914

Spring holidays


via here

We’re all looking forward to two weeks without a school bell determining our morning routine, and just letting the days unfold.  It’ll be great having the next few days filled with reading books & building Lego in our pyjamas, then getting out in the sunshine.  (Because it will be sunny, it has to be, after this week’s return to winter in Melbourne!)

While I don’t like setting to-do lists in the holidays – the less we actually do, the better our holidays are – I’d like to try some new recipes from this list.. and get around to reading this blog I only just discovered, written by an Australian couple renovating a French chateau.

I’m also hoping to get some time to do a bit more candle making, and sort out vintage linens for the online shop.  That’s sounding like a to-do list!  I’ll also be re-stocking grape dip tins for Springtime planting.. and more French vintage.  Here’s a sneak peek of one special piece..

moet chandon basket vintage-bayside vintage

Just a note on customer orders: as it’s school holidays, any orders placed between 27/9 – 3/10 may have a few days’ delay in postage.  Rest assured your vintage will be posted asap after then!

Alison x

This week’s French finds

bayside vintage french finds-september

Rustic baskets, a beautiful landscape oil painting on board,

and lots of petite French treasures going into the shop this week. Alison x

Vintage Oil Paintings

vintage french landscape oil painting-bayside vintage

Oh, art.  Or to be more specific:  landscape paintings 1940s or earlier, in oil, unframed, on canvas or board.  Typically originating from France or England.  That’s my very definitive preference, anyway; one of the things I love about art is that the appeal is so specific to the individual.

The more I keep going with my little online shop, my preference would be to sell more vintage & antique paintings in future.  (Ideally over time, I’ll have a small collection to call my own, instead of selling them all like I do now!)

Art is so subjective though, and as a seller, I can only hope there are enough other people who see what I see in a painting.

Above is one section of a French oil painting that will be coming to the shop later this week.  I wanted to share a little sneak peek of it..its colours are perfect, the detail of the windswept house and farm animals is so beautiful…in my opinion, anyway!

Alison x

Taking product photos with a tripod!

bayside vintage-french lithograph nouveau tin-ranunculus

Last week was a bit of a revelation.  I spent $50 of my hard-earned money on a basic tripod.  I’d been putting it off for months, as profits I make go straight towards buying more stock so I can stay in business!  Spending money on equipment does take a backseat.

Well that was a mistake.  The $50 was the best money I could have spent, given I take all the product photos myself…and quality presentation is so important.

My photos still not near where I want them to be – things like lighting and depth of field, not to mention the styling of product shots (that one deserves another blog post altogether!).  It’s a continual learning process.

But the tripod is a huge advantage.  Once I have a table set up, for most products the tripod only needs small adjustments.  I’m freed of holding a heavy camera.  And all of a sudden, due to the stability of the camera I can drop the ISO back down and work with a wider aperture.

I know a few people who haven’t bought a tripod yet and are frustrated with their product photos too.  My advice would be to definitely invest in one!  I have a long way to go, but it’s certainly making life easier and cutting down product photo time.  Alison x

french vintage perfume labels-bayside vintage

Banana & Coconut Bread


I spent a good part of the afternoon baking for the week ahead, a little time consuming, but it means no  pre-packaged snacks for school lunches!  Two growing boys eat….a lot.

The best recipe was Teresa Cutter’s Banana + Coconut Bread.  I discovered Teresa’s website a few months ago and her list of recipes are fresh, healthy and easy.  This banana bread is nut-free, and very moist from the six eggs and almost 1/2kg of bananas.  Only four fresh dates for some added sweetness, and olive oil instead of butter.  It’s delicious, great with green tea on the side.  I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Alison x


Thank you Country Style Magazine!


Just look at that verandah.

The latest beautiful Country Style out today, The Garden Issue for October…

..and Bayside Vintage is in it!

Thank you to Country Style for featuring this beautiful French zinc bucket…


A rare piece, originally used for laundry soap, but it would be great for the garden..

..I think especially to hold a topiary plant.



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Why do we collect?

tumblr_m2xlo5jiI11r7ggovo1_400Almost every one of us collects…whether it’s vintage objects, antique furniture, or something as simple as your movie ticket stubs!

As a vintage seller, it’s fascinating to me to find out what people collect and why.  We don’t always know why we collect what we do, though – it might be the excitement of finding a particular object, it may be the nostalgia that’s conjured up by certain things.. or it is driven by a deeper emotional connection to a time, place or person.

I’m not sure of the psychology is behind my own collecting habits as I tend to move through types of collections quite quickly!  I’ve collected everything from old glass fishing floats, vintage bottles, tins, certain types of English & French tableware.  I’m drawn to the beauty in those objects over other things, at that particular time.

There is a quote in a book I have by a brocante seller in Paris…”he sells useless things, just for the pleasure, the sheer futility of it.”  There is an undefinable feeling about vintage objects: while they may not always be the most practical things, they provide an emotional reaction that we value.

What do you collect?  I would love to know!  Alison x



Image credit

Springtime & new stock


Well we have survived another Melbourne winter, and come out the other side a little paler, but intact and ready for sunnier days ahead.  Spring has arrived with cherry blossoms, freesias & daffodils now in bloom… We have already enjoyed a few morning walks to school in the sunshine enjoying that heady new-season smell of spring flowers!

During August I have been busy finding a few new vintage wholesalers both here and overseas, so I’m looking forward to bringing a variety of beautiful things to the online shop, including those above.

Springtime also means the start of the wedding season…and Christmas decorations went up in stores last week!  (It seems earlier each year..)  I often sell pieces that are bought as gifts, and am happy to gift wrap free of charge and post directly to the recipient, just contact me to arrange!

Alison x

Home Tour: Vintage French

I haven’t blogged a home tour for a while because there hasn’t been much time to read interior design websites lately.  So I’m lucky this one popped up in my Facebook feed, because it is near perfect in my eyes.

Looking at the various French vintage pieces in this home, I know how much effort the owner would have made to source them and bring it all together so beautifully.  And I love the green in the kitchen.  Better yet, it’s an Australian home in Sydney!  Enjoy this inspirational tour.  All photos courtesy of Home Beautiful Australia.

Alison x










Meant to be!

vintage industrial coffee table green metal-bayside vintage-finds

I’m convinced things often find you, rather than the other way around..and are meant to be when the time is right.  I’d been wanting a rustic vintage coffee table for a while, and didn’t want to pay a huge amount for a vintage-look reproduction, nor have the legs shortened on an old table.

Earlier this week I was visiting a supplier across town and spotted this industrial table hiding under various vintage bits and with another table sitting on top of it..

Anyway, I probably don’t need to explain what made me scrounge together extra funds on the spot so I could buy it – smooth weathered planks of wood, minty green metal frame and original caster wheels.  It’s from eastern Europe and probably came from a factory where they made clothing or rugs, as I spent two hours prising cotton threads out from the wheels… another hour later after that & it was clean enough to come inside!

Still needs a final clean and some wood wax, then she can be made pretty with various green glass bottles and candles!  Always satisfying to give an old piece a new life.

Have a great weekend.

Alison x

Hello & French Village Painting

Hello, I wanted to share with you this beautiful vintage French oil painting of a village that I had in the shop last week… it was sold within a couple of hours after I listed it for sale.. there was a lot of interest in it!  I’m sorry to customers here and overseas who missed out – I do have another two French paintings on the way, and love these paintings of the French countryside.  Make sure you keep checking back, or send me an email!

vintage french oil painting landscape countryside-bayside vintage

french oil painting village france-bayside vintage

I don’t blog that often these days, there’s just too much going with family life that it’s hard enough just keeping the online shop stocked with everything!  And to be honest it’s difficult to write about pretty houses all the time, it can be quite superficial (to me anyway!).  I’ve noticed some of my favourite vintage & personal blogs aren’t being updated as regularly either.  I wonder if blogging is starting to take a backseat to Instagram, where it’s of course so much faster to share vintage objects and pretty images.  A picture tells a thousand words.

Still, I’m not ready to give up on this blog altogether just yet – I have a lot of vintage pieces to share with you and I’ve been busy planning my trip to France next year, so I want to share some of that too.  I’ll endeavour to visit this space more often!

Alison x

Roses & ranunculus

We’re at that point here in winter, one month in, when it’s now properly cold.. most of us Aussies just don’t cope with the cold too well, especially here in Melbourne.  Not that 10 degrees during the day is that cold compared to winter on the other side of the globe, but…we’re sort of conditioned to the heat.

So it was nice to spy some colourful, and very Spring-like roses and ranunculus at the fruit & veg shop this week – the colours are amazing and a welcome pop of colour to brighten rainy and gloomy days here!

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and if you’re on the other side of the world, enjoying some sun!

Alison x

Winter Sale! Two weeks only

Winter Sale now on – Two Weeks Only until 15th July!

Up to 50% off beautiful vintage pieces including everything you see below and more…

Mason jars from the US also reduced!

Hurry before it gets snapped up…


Some Australian vintage finds

To start the school holidays, we headed to Maldon in country Victoria to stay a couple of nights.  It was their Christmas in July festival and the main streets was lit up with lights, and there was even a visit from Santa.  It was freezing!  But we visited a few towns in the area including Castlemaine and Trentham, and escaped the cold inside the local bakeries (which are full of amazing local produce).

I also managed a bit of vintage hunting – it’s good to periodically check what stores are pricing things at and see what other sellers feel are on-trend.  I was a bit disappointed with the vintage about, it’s getting hard to find nice pieces at decent prices.  Unless you can embark on a State or country-wide road trip that is… not really possible when you have young kids!

Anyway here are a few pieces that I did find, including some glass and stoneware bottles and a demijohn not pictured.. a couple of unframed landscape paintings, wirework tray, a cute green chippy mirror, and a lovely bottle-green enamel candle holder, nicely weathered!  I’m drawn to anything green at the moment..

The white metal tin is Australian Willow ware – despite it having no lid, I just loved that fruit design when I saw it and thought it would look great as a pot plant holder, or for utensils in the kitchen. When I asked how much it was, the seller said I could have it for nothing.  I don’t take things for free so did pay him something for it – but needless to say it will be a bargain in the online shop soon!

Alison x

Hello and some house photos

Hello out there… embarrassingly it’s been ages since I last added something to the blog.  Husband has been working overseas recently, we were struck down by the flu for almost a month, and lots of kid-related stuff has left this space very neglected!

Our house is finally decorated after our renovations so I thought I’d share a few (beautifully grainy) photos I took today – and because with school holidays starting now, it won’t look like this soon! I’m always changing things around as I sell pieces, but happy with how it’s coming along…a labour of love..

We’re off to the Castlemaine district this weekend, including visiting one of my favourite country towns again, Maldon.  Looking forward to some scouring of a few vintage, junk & bric-a-brac places while we’re there.. I will share some photos of any vintage finds next week.

Have a good weekend, and if you have kids, enjoy the winter school holidays – pancake-making and staying in pyjamas until lunchtime in our house is obligatory at least a couple of days!

Alison x

p.s. Next week I am having a big SALE in the online shop, so make sure you check back on Monday morning!